Worldwide Business Intelligence

Simple, Global Best Practice Techniques and Ideas for Creating Success in Business

27 - 29 March 2020

Kuala Lumpur

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6 Continent Events

What You Will Learn At Worldwide Business Intelligence

DAY 1: General Entry

If you want to hear from great speakers (this is not a sales pitch event) and you are an entrepreneur or business leader then you should come along today. Today our event is open to the general public and interested persons.

Registration Begins at 8.30am.Sessions begin at 9am and conclude at 5.30pm

DAY 2: VIP's & Invited Guests

Mindset, Marketing & Sales is the thrust of Day 2. You will be led by our international experts on a journey that will take you beyond the normal ways to do business. In fact our aim is to simplify everything while magnifying results and your success.

Sessions begin at 9am and conclude at 5.00pm

DAY 3: VIP's & Invited Guests

Day 3 will focus on the more intricate and sometimes maximising areas of business, such as funding and pitching, outsourcing and growing team, how to understand people better than you do currently and you will leave with a simple 7 step plan that will wow you.

Sessions begin at 9am and conclude at 4.00pm

Transform The Way You See The World In 3 Days

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or a person who really wants to get ahead in their job you should be at Worldwide Business Intelligence.This is NOT a Sales Fest style of event.
You will receive current, international standard business intelligence that will skyrocket your results when you implement it.

A Message from Mike Handcock


  • Attracting High Paying Customers that find YOU
  • Converting More Sales with greater authenticity and less effort and resistance
  • Multiplying Results by understanding the role of internal and external team, JV's and Alliances
  • Connecting with your Marketplace on a deeper level and putting purpose back into your life and that of your staff, suppliers and customers
  • Finally being able to say that your business can operate without you and that you have built the success around the life you have wanted, not put your life on hold any longer
  • Understanding what ideas to go with and which to leave alone saving you years of work and tens of thousands of dollars in mistake


Learn from Presenters who are successful award winning entrepreneurs themselves and

experts in the areas of Marketing, Sales, Negotiation, Funding, Consultancy, Strategy

and Rapid Business Growth. Your presenters will be chosen from:

Mike Handcock (New Zealand)

Mike Handcock is Chairman and Founder of the Circle of Excellence Group, an international organisation that gives business owners access to prosperity, freedom and purpose. For over ten years he has worked with 300,000 entrepreneurs in over fifty countries.

Stuart Patton (United Kingdom)

Stuart has worked at Director level in UK SME's, as Corporate Business Development Director in large private Euro company, and as Business Development Director in a very successful privately owned HK company.

Landi Jac (South Africa)

Landi Jac is the Global Director of Worldwide Business Intelligence, a company dedicated to the education of entrepreneurs across the world. Landi has a Masters Degree that combines Economics and Industrial Psychology, Landi’s message places equal importance on business and mind.

Anne Tham (Malaysia)

Founder of Ace Adventure Group, Her World Woman of the Year 2016, Anne is one of the most revolutionary educators on the planet. She is a multi award-winning, multiple TEDx speaker and Entrepreneur.


In addition to 3-days of training, Worldwide Business Intelligence is unlike any other conference or seminar you’ll ever attend. The atmosphere 6 Continent Events and the Presenters creates is unique and attracts only the highest of calibre attendees.

  • You’re surrounded by brilliant people. People just like you who want to solve the one issue that has held them back their whole lives.
  • You’ll become part of the Worldwide Business Intelligence Conscious Leader Community. This means you will get connected and be part of something that is global, contains like minds and people still talk about five years after they have attended.
  • This is a celebration of you, your genius, your wisdom and all the work you have done already in your life to get where you are today.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to ask the questions that you have always wanted to ask people of this calibre.
  • You’ll take home actionable, tangible strategies that you can put to use in your business immediately. Eliminate the guesswork, stress and even fear or anxiety – and instead have the presence to present powerfully.
  • Let's not forget fun. Our events are well natured, there is a lot of humour, laughter and much more. We use edutainment to assist you to understand concepts so much more than average training,
  • You will leave Worldwide Business Intelligence with more than just a blueprint. You will have something that works, can make good money, create a brilliant lifestyle and is good for the world.


Here's what our attendees have to say:

Mandy Russel

Colin Kennedy

Denis Gianoutsos

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