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Exclusive Events. Priceless Knowledge

Our Events are game changers.

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Bali Business School

De-Engineer and Re-Engineer Your Business, Mind and Spirit

Mind Mastery

Exploring the capabilities of your inner self

Marketing & Sales Event

IMAGINE if YOU Could Triple Your Income in just 12 months!

Worldwide Business Intelligence

Simple, Global Best Practice Techniques and Ideas for Creating Success in Business

Platinum Mastermind

Join Our 6 Week 'Business Renovation' Online Mastermind Group

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4 Products That you can start earning from:

Business Survival Blueprint™ - You can make 50% of $144 we charge for this 3 hr high impact survival blueprint course. This is right for people in trouble or starting out

I.M.P.A.C.T Entrepreneur - You make 50% of $297. This program is for entrepreneurs who want to brand build, increase sales and become influencers - 6 Modules.

Platinum Mastermind Online - You can make 20% of $1,995. This 6 week Mastermind, supported by a destination retreat, online information and a 1 - 1 strategy session

Conscious Sales - You make 50% of $795. This program is perfect for people who want to sell a lot more but without shady techniques.Covers 1 - 1, Pitching & 1 - Many

What Support Do You Get?

Pitch Decks: So that you can pitch 1 - 1 with prospective clients.

Private Facebook Group: Where we share and celebrate success of Ambassadors.
Support: From our Marketing Team

​Training Videos Scripts, Banners and Social Media Call Outs: To help you sell better and get to the right people

Become a Master Ambassador: Introduce other Ambassadors and earn on their efforts

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