and Landi Jac

founding members of the Circle of excellence group



Since we met and became a couple in 2014 we have dedicated our lives to  helping entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches and consultants to have greater prosperity, freedom and purpose.
In doing this we have travelled around the world 22 times in the past five years, created 7 trademarked pieces of proprietary content, plus run close to 500 events as a couple. We are growing consciousness in leaders worldwide so that making a difference is as important as making a profit.

Mike & Landi


and values

We are committed to creating the No#1 team of Conscious Leaders on the Planet within our eco-system. We hold strong to our core values of Freedom, Love, Beauty, Fun and Travel

Results and fun

Results and fun go hand in hand. If you are not having fun, you are doing the wrong thing.

giving back

Giving back is as much a part of our day to day business as making a profit.





Elite 'A' List Clients
Certification and expertise
Specified Investments
Licensed Intellectual Property
Global Events Off and online



2300 events

Since 2006, combined we have completed over 2,300 events, 500 of these together.

300 000 people

We have helped over 300,000 people in 6 continents gain prosperity, freedom & purpose.

100+ cities

We work globally. 20 Trips to India, Over 50 to Asia, and dozens to Europe, the Americas and a base in Africa and the Pacific.



42 000

Connections in our Target Market on LinkedIn

15 000

Facebook Footprint across various platforms


A List Clients in 6 Continents Globally

26 000

Subscribers from combined lists on varying platforms

our client's


76% Average Sales Increase

Our clients report an average of 76% increase in sales revenue in 12 months.

100% Clarity

100% of our clients believe they have more clarity than ever before about their business & life and what they want to achieve.


mike handcock

qualifications in business

Including two academic prizes

Senior management in financial services

Responsible for  $250,000,000 in annual sales


Chairman of Circle of Excellence Group and Director of the Global Expert Institute

author, film maker, musician

Author of 5 International Best Sellers, Producer of the new film Harmony and NO#1 Recording Artist (2014 - I-tunes)


landi jac

Cum Laude & Deans Medal

Master in Economics & Industrial Psychology


Global Director of Worldwide Business Intelligence & Board Member of the Circle of Excellence Group. Previously owned Angeles Consulting and various Senior Roles

lead magazine

Editor in Chief of LEAD Magazine

Successful International Consultant

Clients such as Thomson Reuters, Swissair, SA Rail



Providing Enlightening Education for Underprivileged children.

Assisting Unity in Diversity across the globe, between cultures and religions.

Building the leaders of the future where making a difference is as important as profit.

an insight into our lives

around the world

Typically we spend 4 months of the year at home. Otherwise we could be in any one of 6 continents gathering experience, intelligence or sharing wisdom or partnering with other well known global experts to make lives more simple and fulfilling for our community.


our essence

what makes us tick:

Ancient and Sacred wisdom

We research it constantly and involve it in everything we share


We constantly seek out new markets to open and new people to meet the world over


Mike has played and produced music his whole life. Landi is an accomplished dancer


We honor mother earth and all her beings and celebrate the natural world