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Join The Octopus sales team and build your business within out business. By partnering with the Octopus, you position your company as a thought leader in your industry. You are boldly stating that you support first-class business education, sustainability and prosperity of the people most important to you.

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The problem with being a salesperson is that Every Year you have to 'start all over again'. Not if you are a member of the Octopus Sales Team. Every year - when your client renews you get paid again* - plus you change peoples lives with a product that is at the pinnacle of the personal and professional development industry.

What does an Octopus Sales Team Member do?

As a member of our sales team you will typically complete research on LinkedIn, and via networks, and communities. You will reach out and build trust with coaches, consultants, speakers, and any leader of a business eco-system. They are your potential clients. You will market them:

1) Certification as a Coach/Consultant and
2) Ability for their eco-system to access the complete Worldwide Business Intelligence Ed-Tech platform, Community, Webinars and Events.

What Can You Earn?

The minimum commission is around $350USD and the maximum is unlimited.

Realistically, you should be able to earn $5,000 + in your first couple of months and move that to in excess of $10,000 per month after you are comfortable with the process. Best news is that each year, you get paid again if the client renews, and in our experience, if you service them - they do.*

So inside of three years you could build an amazing six figure renewable business within our business. There may even be the occasional bonus or incentive :)

How Do i learn what to do?

You will be mentored under one of our Licensed Regional Partners, who will recruit, train and develop your skills. They will help you plan, make sure you are skilled enough to sell and assist you to grow. In addition we have a whole ed-tech platform of best practice for you and regular global webinars to keep you up to date.

Who would be a suitable Sales team member?

If you are not scared of research, in platforms like LinkedIn, happy to build trust through conversations, enjoy networking and learning about people, you may well LOVE this career path. You will need to feel comfortable chatting on Zoom or Skype and sharing sales presentations online.

Where Will I be Located?

For the most part you can be located anywhere. You could literally be a digital nomad, although access to string wifi, good light and good quality sound would be expected as you will be talking to lots of people each day.

Find OUt more

Simply click on the link that best represents your area and send an email. One of our Licensed Regional Partners will be in touch and answer all of your questions. there is no obligation on either your part or ours to continue past a simple getting to know each other meeting at this stage, so don’t worry, our folks are very kind.


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