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Why do experts fail?


They have no idea how to market and sell their services effectively.


They are unable to build their expertise into a product someone wants.


They lack the confidence required to build an effective business.


Their positioning in the market is not one of influence and trust.


They spend their time doing all the wrong things right.

what we do

Unlock Prosperity,
Freedom and Purpose.

If you are in the expert business, maybe a consultant, coach, speaker, trainer or expert entrepreneur and you are overwhelmed, not making money, probably better off in a job, feeling lost and alone, then you are on the right website. We can offer the right people a turnkey business that will attract high-end clients.

5 Deliverables we provide to Global Expert Institute members:

You can gain a Global Certification in your field, plus earn CPD credits on our courses and events.
We will fully train you how to position, market, sell, productise and automate your expert business. (We will teach you to fish).
You will become part of an elite global community run by experts for experts, where you will have peers and connections.
You will have a choice of 8 products you can sell in addition to your own services. These products are world class and unique.
We will promote and reward our leading member experts.

Story :

In 2002 our co-founder left a major corporate role and became and expert on the back of an international best selling book launched the year before.
Since then we have worked with 300,000 entrepreneurs and experts in over fifty countries.We have shared stages with the biggest names, found many wanna be's and many great people.
We realised that experts come in all shapes and sizes. They don't have to have new shiny teeth, perfect hair and work out and have six packs when over fifty. In fact we have found most of those to be hot air, pretentious and broke. In 2018 we were invited to chair the Global Speakers Summit, which put 74 of the world's thought leaders, subject matter experts and speakers on stage over four days in Auckland.
You won't find photos of us with Trump, Branson, Tony Robbins or some movie star. We have them, but they are for us. That stuff is just smoke and mirrors. What you will find is an institute that gets you noticed, that teaches you what you need to thrive sustainably in an industry becoming more full of white noise each day. Check us out. You find each of us lives our talk, has a brilliant lifestyle and makes a huge difference......perhaps for you.
What we have realised through this journey, which has included eleven awards for us, global recognition and even mention by a US President is this:
Most experts never realise their dreams of shaping the world, because they can't position themselves, market their services and productise. Most experts can't sell at all, have no idea how to create trust and as such their dreams wither and die.


We promise to assist any expert with a conscious message through sharing simple and highly effective methods to position, market, sell and create products and services based on real and current best practice, that has been tried and tested.
We promise to provide access to a well trained, licensed master consultant to assist the expert to learn their craft.
We promise to provide a robust certification process for you as an expert..

President Global Speakers Federation 2018/19

"Investing in Mike & Landi and what they do, has been the best investment I have ever made in my speaking business.  As Global President I influence 53,000 speakers in what is essentially a billion dollar business. I have access to anyone I want, but this is who I chose."

Get involved with the Global Expert institute

You can utilise our expertise to build your own amazing expert business as a speaker, coach, consultant or entrepreneur - or - You can own your own region within our infrastructure and help us build amazing experts in your local area.

Option 1


Complete your certification over one year, fully supported and become a Certified Member Expert.
What that means for you is:
You will be taught how to market and sell your expertise simply. You will learn how to position yourself in your industry and the media correctly. You will learn how to productise and price your expertise to maximise your prosperity. You will be shown ways to automate your attraction, You will be taught how to be effective and create massive influence. You will have an accreditation to share with clients. Moving forward you can even become a Professional Member Expert or Fellow Member Expert.
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Option 2


Globally our Certified Member Experts are aligned with a Licensed Regional Partner, who supports and develops them.
Becoming a Licensed Regional Partner means:
Recruiting, Training & Developing Member Experts, Certifying Member Experts, Running Workshops and Other Events, Coaching Member Experts, Growing Your Region of Member Experts.
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who we are

Click member image to read more:
Mike Handcock is Chairman and Founder of the Circle of Excellence Group, an international organisation that gives business owners access to prosperity, freedom and purpose. For over ten years he has worked with 300,000 entrepreneurs in over fifty countries.
Acknowledged as one of only thirty three speakers in the world to be certified globally (Global Speaking Fellow, CSP*), Mike has contributed to the industry as an international speaker regularly visiting six continents, as well as the official chairman of the GSF’s* “Leader to Legacy” Global Speaker Summit 2018. He is multi-award winning, with most recent acknowledgements being New Zealand Speaker of the Year, New Zealand Educator of the Year and now a Life Member of NSANZ*.
His philanthropic activities have been acknowledged by a US President, including setting up model villages in India for education and major support of orphanages in Cambodia. Mike serves on the Board of the Sage Foundation as well as the Global Dialogue Foundation, an organisation that promotes dialogue between cultures and religions worldwide. His 2010 film 'Dreamcatchers' has reached over 500,000,000.

Mike Handcock


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Landi Jac is the Global Director of Worldwide Business Intelligence, part of a conglomerate of 5 international companies that has now touched the lives of over 300,000 entrepreneurs worldwide. She holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology with Cum Laude, and consults with numerous business leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide.
As Editor in Chief for LEAD Magazine, Landi shares the success stories of her extensive international audience as to inspire entrepreneurs worldwide to reach their next-level business potential. Landi focusses her unique business intelligence across the globe and has consulted to the likes of Presidents of the Global Speakers Federation, Award-Winning Inventors, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Gold-Medalists, Sport Celebrities, Award-Winning Speakers, Best-Selling Authors, Award-Winning Gamers and Educational Moguls.
Landi loves growing leaders from exotic places such as the annual Business School in Bali, as well as prestigious Platinum Masterminds held in castles, resorts and cruises. She is a Certified Senior Consultant through the International Institute of Professional Consultants.

Landi Jac


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our advisory board of directors

Along with Chairman Mike Handcock and International Director Landi Jac are a very experienced Board which includes:

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