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  • Learn to create power frames that make even the toughest customer sit up and listen
  • Convert More Sales with greater authenticity and less effort and resistance
  • Become the Prize not the Commodity - Make the buyer qualify themselves to you and not the other way around.
  • Understand THE YIN & YANG OF MARKETING - Logic won't get anyone interested in what you do but when they cry they will buy
  • Find THE LATEST COPYWRITING TECHNIQUES - The Seinfeld letters, The Attractive Character, The Grandparent and other techniques that will compel people to read your letters
  • Create INTRIGUE - The Entrepreneurs NO#1 Weapon in getting results

The Growth by Design Technique™

You will be taken through the 9 step sales architecture to build the perfect sales presentation for you and your business. Based on 30 years research and with input to this blueprint from some of the worlds best sales experts, no one will have this level of presentation in your industry, unless they have been to Rock Your Marketing & Sales.

You will learn how to build a frame and control it, how to ask exactly the right questions at the right time, how to tell your own personal heroes journey so it inspires your prospect and how to deliver the emotional value of the outcome you are giving your clients so that regardless of what price you are charging for your services people will want to do business with you. Overall You will learn how to deliver a presentation that hypnotically builds rapport, influences, persuades and sells at much a much higher conversion all while keeping your audience-no matter the size-entertained and on the edge of their seats.

Fun & Exciting Marketing Strategies

Are you overwhelmed by every bit of marketing you have to keep up with. Social Media can all but disappear if you want it to with the marketing strategies you will learn at Rock Your Marketing & Sales.

Find out the latest in consumer behaviour, how people want to buy from you and what they really expect. Learn how to brand online create funnels that convert, build powerful lead generation and of course you will be unskilled in the latest advertising techniques and PR wizardry.

Learn the latest international sales and marketing trends and leave with a simple one page plan that will revolutionise your marketing. You will also learn how to groom ambassadors, affiliates, partners and strategic alliances so that your marketing continues after you have gone to bed and so you wake up with extra money in your account.

We focus on ethical methodologies of creating the right messaging for you. We don't believe in whizz bang fixes or smoke and mirrors marketing, so if you are looking for that, then look else where. What you will learn at Rock Your Marketing and Sales will give you excellent long term repeat relationships.

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Peter Lehrke - Award Winning Scientist (New Zealand)

Dustin Mathews - Wealthfit USA

Dickson Lai - Founder EmoWave

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