Bali Business School

De-Engineer and Re-Engineer Your Business, Mind and Spirit

March 2021

Ubud - Bali

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6 Continent Events

Join Entrepreneurs From Around The World

Events limited to just 26 guests so that you can get one on one attention from our mentors

You will be working in groups, in classes, by yourself and of course having stimulating discussions in the pool


Bali Business School is for Entrepreneurs, Start Ups, Career Minded Individuals and People who have a Mission to Achieve or a Business Unit to get results in. You will work in small groups, by yourself and with the whole group

We create an intimate community of conscious business leaders who put the interests of all before the manic grab for profit. Our attendees are people who give a damn, who want a better life, for them and the ones they love and who are committed to growing and learning and open minded to the latest holistic business approaches and short cuts.

If you want a build a business or career around the life you may have only dreamt of and play a bigger game then this is the right place for you to be. There is nothing on earth like Bali Business School. We started it as an idea in 2015 and every one of them has been sold out since.


  • Creating a system that has High Paying Customers​find YOU
  • Converting More Sales with greater authenticity and less effort and resistance
  • Multiplying Results by understanding the role of internal and external team, JV's and Alliances
  • Connecting with your Marketplace on a deeper level and putting purpose back into your life and that of your staff, suppliers and customers
  • Finally being able to say that your business can operate without you and that you have built the success around the life you have wanted, not put your life on hold any longer
  • Understanding what ideas to go with and which to leave alone saving you years of work and tens of thousands of dollars in mistakes

Listen to Past Participants!

Dr Samantha Hall - Australia

Hani Du Toit - South Africa

Shaun McEwan - Singapore

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