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If you are a Business Leader, Coach, Speaker, Consultant, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Executive or Writer: This is for you. We know you're an expert, but what if your message isn't getting through as you need it to. Maybe it's not reaching enough people or maybe you just haven't cracked the code to leave an awesome legacy and find prosperity at the same time. We will help you. Our mission is to create The Number One Team of Conscious Leaders on Earth. People who impact the actions and results of their clients and consider the planet, it's people, animals, staff, suppliers, customers, and family - not just the bottom line and a new Mercedes for themselves.

"As a rock star, I have two instincts, I want to have fun, and I want to change the world.
I have a chance to do both"

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"As a rock star, I have two instincts, I want to have fun, and I want to change the world...

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people who value business, life and the chance to leave a legacy

For over ten years now we have personally worked in 48 countries that we have travelled to running events and meeting with over 250,000 entrepreneurs with our mission of creating the Number One Team of Conscious Leaders on the Planet. Now we are proud to introduce the Conscious Leaders Movement. Yes it's a movement. A ground swell of people just like you who no longer want to be products of a broken system, who can wait no longer for governments or corporations to do whats right. It's us who will change the world and we know it.

If you want to leave an amazing legacy, be part of a great team and get paid very well for living your passion then you are in the right area. We are well led and we need you to spread your message of hope and how to take control of your  own destiny. ​ This is a site that turns 'sheeple' into empowered individuals.​

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Why the Consious Leadership Movement?

Elsewhere, there are certifications for credibility and organisations that help you sell more at any cost and without consideration for clients or the impact of that sale. We are the ONLY place on the planet that has a focus on YOUR SUSTAINABILITY and prosperity so that you can make the difference you so much desire to on a long term basis, creating lasting change. That's why this is a movement. Together with us you are changing the world for the better every day.​You can't change the world and serve your family if you are broke. We work with you on creating prosperity while making a huge difference with your ideas. In addition you will be globally certified and can even complete an appropriate diploma through our globally recognised partner.

what does it mean to

be a conscious leader

The Leader of today has a message to share with the world. They don't just sell their product or professional service, they solve people's problems. They are gracious about prosperity and therefore pay it forward. They are interested in business but more so in the future that we create for generations to come. They lead with legacy and is passionate about positively touching the lives of those they influence on a grand scale.

Our members:

Are making a difference on the planet
Have a sustainable and viable business
Are of good character

Below are typical examples of the types of leaders that benefit massively from associate their business with our brand. Why? Because conscious leadership inspires their audience, their clients and ultimately, their entire ecosystem. Our Movement connects you with like-minded leaders, give you international reach and more important than anything, remind you of the feel-good factor that the world is filled with people who really want to make a difference.

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Change the World One Audience at a Time​​ You have a passion to share your message to thousands. You want to change the world, assist people to grow and develop, become the leaders they are looking for elsewhere. ​This is the place you can learn to impact people the most... and where you will also learn the skills to fill rooms, get booked, sell from stage and to transform audiences into raving advocates.


Wayne Dyer said "You are not an author until you have sold 3,000 books out fo the trunk of your car." What he meant was that so many great potential authors have no idea of how to market themselves and their work. If you want to be a conscious leader through your writing we can help.​Since 2008 our team has been helping writers get their message out globally. We have international best sellers and graduates who are even teaching writing best sellers globally. Why not change lives through your written word.


Stand Out from the Crowd ​This is NOT just a coaching certification. There are many broke certified coaches who have no idea how to inspire a client, if they ever get one, to be passionate, conscious, sustainable and considerate to the planet, people, clients, staff and suppliers. ​Being a Certified Professional Leader your Coaching will be unique. You will know how to gain and hold clients, how to charge real rates and how to implement massive change.


Conscious Entrepreneurs will Change the World​​ Leadership starts and stops with entrepreneurs, be you a Coach, Retailer, Real Estate Leader, Insurance expert, Manufactuer or simply a small Home Business tycoon.​The state of the world is our responsibility. With our certification as a leader with the Conscious Leadership Movement you will learn how to prosper, create wealth, simply and effectively and how to leave an amazing legacy and impact on the world because of your presence.

Social entrepreneurs

More than just Making Money.​​ Being a social entrepreneur is about give back. We are founding parners of Buy 1 Give 1, who have demonstarted 100,000,000 gifts of giving from social entrepreneurs like you, since 2007. ​Maya Shahani leapt into social entrepreneurship after seeing a picture in National Geographic. She is on the board of over a dozen schools, is part of the Clinton Global Initiative and the Chairwoman of the Centre for Management Entrepreneurial MBA Program in Mumbai. Maya was featured in the film Dreamcatchers (2010)

business leaders

More than just a Corporate Executive ​​You have a major role in a company. Yet you want to be a global leader, bringing the concepts of intrapreneurship and consciousness into every decision in the boardroom. You may work for an oil company, a FMCG, be in the Military or even an MLM... it doesn't matter.​What does matter is what is in your heart. You want the world to be a better place and you want to leave a legacy that will ensure it is. You are in the right place.

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